5G: What can you do NOW to protect yourself?


What can you do IMMEDIATELY to protect yourself?
It is very likely that pulsating high frequency signals will remain in our living environment. Expectations are that it might even increase. You can actively shield yourself partially from these harmful radio signals. For advice on how to approach this, measurements have to be taken on the spots you work, live and sleep.  Please get in touch for more information.

Below measures can be taken immediately to reduce the negative effects on your body:


  • Strange as it may sound: Never hold your phone against your ear during phone calls –> always use a headset or -better- put your call ‘on the speaker’.
  • Never wear your phone directly on your body. (like in your breast pocket, your bra, your back pocket) but at minimally 5 mm distance from your skin. Apple recommends this in the ‘legal notice’ that is stored in every iPhone.
  • Never ever make a call in the car. If you really have to, than position your phone antenna  (1) close to the back mirror, or (2) in the left bottom corner or the (3) right bottom corner of the windshield.  (this is where the 3 ‘holes’ are situated in your Car’s ‘Faraday cage’. These were originally meant for navigation devices in order to facilitate the reception of GPS satellites.) This advice also holds for any other device with a SIM card  (like a GPS tracker, TomTom, iPad e.d.)


  • During the night, Put your Smartphone, Ipad and other devices with a SIM card on ‘flight mode’.
  • Never ever sleep next to your phone when it is not on flight mode.


  • Put the WiFi in your house at the lowest output power possible  (see: ‘settings’)
  • Put your WiFi totally off during the night (you often can automate this..)
  • Switch off all other WiFi sources (like Printers, Camera’s, etc.; you often can automate this..)

DECT based telephones and babyphones

  • Immediately remove all DECT based telephones from your house. So: Do NOT use. Ever!
  • Do NOT use ‘babyphones’ based on DECT .

Smart meter(s)

  • Ask your providers to remove all the smart meters they installed in your house.

About the author


Han Stouten has a broad experience in HF and LF electronics engineering and is a government licensed HAM radio amateur. He is certified by the Dutch ‘Agentschap Telecom’ for all modes and all frequency bands.