Acoustic consultancy


Office Noise

Compared to the past, today’s offices have changed tremendously. People do not have closed offices anymore. We tend to be sitting with our PC’s and telephones in an open space with all the plusses and minuses connected to that.


Acoustic Consultancy
Transvorm has provided acoustic consultancy for large international companies. We have been involved in many projects in this field like a pilot project we did for Philips International at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven with around 2000 office workers involved.

Modern Workplace related questions

In addition, we have answered many questions like ‘do we need specialized rooms and -if so- how many of them?’ and ‘How can I find a free working spot?’; based on an thourough analysis of the population in the office and their behavior.


Noise levels and behavioral change
Although present day offices may apprear to be very attractive, noise levels can just be too much. Using state of the art tools we provide acoustic measurements in order to come up with a viable solution for noise issues. Sometimes the solution is technical. Sometimes behavioral. Mostly the solution lies in a mix of both.


Automated Noise Feedback systems
Therefore we often install automated feedback systems as a solution. These systems constantly measure the audio levels and give immediate feedback to all in the room. We can deliver these feedback systems from a variety of trusted suppliers in this field.

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