Some of the Pfiser, Moderna and Janssen ‘vaccine’ lots prove to be extremely toxic

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After thorough investigation, undeniable evidence has been found that in the USA in distributing Corona ‘vaccins’ by Pfizer, Janssen and Moderna, 1000 to 5000 times more toxic batches have been intermingled with ‘normal’ batches.  In the course of 2021, these ‘toxic’ batches have shown to be distributed over all states of the USA.


Where normal  batches (‘LOTS’) on average showed 1 tot 5 ‘adverse effects’, of each of these ‘killer batches’, up to to 5000 ‘adverse effects’ were reported in VAERS*. This is discovered early December 2021 by an international team of analysts and statisticians by studying and combining publicly available files from the VAERS* database in a smart fashion.

*VAERS= ‘Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System’.

Here the top-100 ‘adverse reactions’ per LOT number per supplier:

Top-100 LOTS with Adverse Effects Janssen COVID ‘vaccines’  in the US in 2021






Top-100 LOTS with Adverse Effects Moderna COVID ‘vaccines’ in the US in  2021






Top-100 LOTS withnAdverse Effects Pfizer COVID ‘vaccines’ in the US in  2021





Dark scenario

In an irrefutable manner a correlation has been proven to exist between these toxic batches and severe illnesses and even deaths as a direct result of ‘vaccination’. On top of that, the toxic batches appear to belong to a family’ of related batch numbers. So it looks like in the USA, deliberately toxic batches were intermingled with ‘normal’ mRNa ‘vaccine’ batches.  A bizarre phenomenon that was not observed in -for example- Flu -vaccinations that are also recorded in the VAERS system.



The total amount of deaths reported in VAERS per manufacturer:

Amount of Deaths by COVID ‘vaccination’ per manufacturer reported in VAERS as per 5-12-2021













Per manufacturer the picture looks as follows:

Janssen Amount of Deaths per COVID ‘vaccine’ LOT number as per 5-12-2021










Moderna Amount of Deaths per COVID ‘vaccine’ LOT number as per 5-12-2021









Pfizer Amount of Deaths per COVID ‘vaccine’ LOT number as per 5-12-2021










Because not all ‘adverse effects’ are recorded in VAERS the numbers -in reality- might actually even be much higher .

Of course we have the underlying data available for those who are seriously interested!



Source: Craig Paardekooper et. al. , UK.

Replication of database queries: Transvorm Consulting.