project management

Project Management

The term ‘Project Management’ hardly needs further introduction. Managing change under time pressure, often with an inherent risk. And all of that with a temporary team, a limited budget and an often over-challenging time frame.

In the last 40 years I have led many projects in a broad variety of industries, technologies and cultures. Ranging from managing educational television production up until introducing a new email and collaboration system for 110.000 users within 9 Months.

What I like very much in all of this:

  • Creating a bridge between people, departments, technologies and cultures.
  • Bringing impossible or very difficult projects successfully to completion.
  • Streamlining communication to the customers as well as the employees.
  • Structuring processes without hampering creativity.
  • Keeping the energy high during and after the project.

What has become clear to me is that especially projects with an intercultural aspect  (multiple countries, multiple languages, multiple cultures) match quite well with my ‘operating system’.

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